Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2/20 (Week 1), Post B

Dear Junior,

I believe that you are a kid with alot of potential based off how you've described yourself thus far, but you have alot to live "down to." Your parents (no offense), are failures and if you're going to change that you need to step up, rise beyond your childhood, and start looking towards the future. You cannot be dwelling over things like your head, your appearance, and even your pleasure (although sometimes it's important). Think about if you want a great, sucessful future or you want one or two friends that will always be with you in that raggety old box you'll be living in soon enough. I see you have a keen interest in Geometry based on your reactions to seeing the book, but you throwing the book at your teacher (pg.31) ain't going to help you suceed later in life. Take events as they come and don't try to rush things Junior, but keep in mind everything you do now will effect your future directly. Also i have one last piece of advice for you, don't take it too seriously if those 30 year old loosers try to eat you up, the only reason they're trying to do that is because they know they've already lost in life and have no chance at getting back into it. You do my friend, keep that in mind. Hope you keep moving along well.



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Randy said...

Beat the kid down.