Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Runner- Post 7

Dear Carl Deuker,

I really enjoy reading your novels, especailly this one (Runner). I like how you use lower age vocabulary, but really get the suspence across every time. In Runner, I was literallly on my toes for half the book. Every time chance had to go to the rocks to do a pickup, I thought "this is it, hes going to die," but no, he keeps on living and building up the suspence until finally the terrorists get his dad instead of him. I like how in all of your books you find a really great problem to give the protagonist. Chance had so much on his shoulders that at times I really thought that he was simply going to cave and let up with the delivering. I'd also like to comment on how great your description is in all of your novels. It really makes me feel as if i'm actually there and witnessing these high suspence, thrilling scenes. One question I have for you is, where do you get your inspiration from? Your books just get me hooked like no other, and by no other I mean no other, I don't really enjoy reading. but for some reason your novels catch me in an angle i'm not used to. I am really looking forward to getting another book by you, and I hope you write many more thrillers like Runner so I have books to read for book reports for all the years to come.



Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Runner- Post 6


I am so sorry about what happened to your father. There was really nothing you could do. This issue was completely out of your hands and into these dirty terrorists hands. In my opinion, although it was a great tragedy for your father to die, he died exactly the way he'd always wanted to, A HERO. Chance he saved hundreds or thousands of people, because those terrorists were targeting an area or boat with alot of people in it. By killing one of the men and causing the terrorists to detonate early, your dad risked his ONE life to save THOUSANDS of others. You may be extremely sad now, but I know for a fact that in no less that ten years, you will begin to realize the great good your father did with this action. I would also like to remind you of the recognition he got for this. His funeral was the biggest there has ever been in your city, and state as a matter of fact. This really goes to show how much of a hero he was. Bieng a man of the army (most importantly a loyal member of the army), your father would have never let a band of terrorists get away with such an awful thing, so as soon as i heard he was on the bot by himself with terrorists and plastic explosives, I personally knew it was the end for him. He risked his life for so many others, and i realize your greif, but I think you should be proud of that courageous man and what he did for the world.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Runner- Post 5

Dear Chance,

Well, you're oficially in the biggest trouble I think you'll ever be in your entire lifespan. Chance, they killed the fat guy, they're going to come and kill you now. This is no joke. I think it is very smart of you to keep on going about the same routine every day to try to keep letting them know (just incase theyre watching you) that you aren't throwing any curveballs at them and that you are sticking directly to the plan. My biggest concern right now is your father. Chance you need to let him know what exactly is happening and you need to do that right away. He could be in severe danger becuase of your bad actions. If one day he's drinking a little too much and these terrorists or smugglers or whoever they are happen to come by and get in a fight with him, you could be risking losing your father. My main advice to you is to somehow inform the police department about whats going on becuase if you don't and they come for you, there will be nothing your father, Mellisa's father, or anyone else will be able to do about it. A second piece of advice I have for you is to take a peek at whats in those "different packages," and see if it's really "gems' as the fat guy told you before he committed scuicide or got murdered. Just cut one open and check, becuase if they are not gems, who knows what they could be. I've heard that plastic explosives have that feel to them too, so you might want to get on that. I hope you get out of this okay Chance. You've got alot of work to do.

All the best,


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Runner- Post 4

Dear Chance,

You are in deep, deep trouble my friend. You have gotten yourself into a situation that is going to be very difficult to get out of. These smugglers/terrorists/whatever they are have no tolerance for kids like you getting in their way. My advise to you is to get away, as far from the Pier as possible, and try to catch a plane out becuase you are simply in deep shit. Listen to me Chance, the fat guy didnt commit scuicide, don't you think he would have been acting more depressed if he wanted to committ scuicide. The smugglers killed him, and now i guarantee that since you are involved in the same scheme, and you probobly know everything the fat guy knew, they are after you too. Chance, I warned you in last weeks letter to get the hell out of this mess, and you chose to keep at it. You really chose money over life. Now with hind sight bieng 20/20, tell me if it was the right decision. Chance, my best advice now is to simply stay low, and try to find and introduce yourself the the creepy men before they try to find and introduce themselves to you. The last thing you want them to think is that you are scared, because then they can easilly take advantage of you and threaten you in ways you cant even imagine Chance. Go say hi to them and ask them whats going on and what you can do to help. Make friends, don't get them on your bad side, because they will kill you if your drive them over the edge. I hope the best for you man.

Good luck,