Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Runner- Post 3

Dear Chance Taylor,

Oh boy have you gotten yourself into a situation. Chance you need to quit this package delivering right awayo or if that isnt possible, as soon as you can. Listen, I know you need that money and all to support yourself and your father, and I 100% realize that you are in a finacial situation right now, but let me tell you, once you get into these messes with drug dealers/ other bad people, it's very difficult to get out. The fat man will begin to count on you more and more until you're practicaly his slave (except you're getting paid). I realized his control over you when you accepted to take the "different looking" packages to your house and store them. Chance, this could be a major trap. When the man mapped out your running routine, I don't know about you, but I was freaked out. This man has been following you around and if I were you I would not get confortable around him. My advice is to hand around kids like Melissa. She plans on having a solid future and could be getting into stanford. Don't you want to end up sucessful in the long run? I know money is tight, but i advise you to stop working for those huge chunks of cash, because obviously the fat man does well in his business in order to pay you under the table like that. Get your restaurant job back and study your ass of man. After college, that way, things will lighten up and you'll have an easier time finding a job. All the best to you Chance, and I hope you make the right decisons.

Yours Truly,


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