Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Runner- Post 5

Dear Chance,

Well, you're oficially in the biggest trouble I think you'll ever be in your entire lifespan. Chance, they killed the fat guy, they're going to come and kill you now. This is no joke. I think it is very smart of you to keep on going about the same routine every day to try to keep letting them know (just incase theyre watching you) that you aren't throwing any curveballs at them and that you are sticking directly to the plan. My biggest concern right now is your father. Chance you need to let him know what exactly is happening and you need to do that right away. He could be in severe danger becuase of your bad actions. If one day he's drinking a little too much and these terrorists or smugglers or whoever they are happen to come by and get in a fight with him, you could be risking losing your father. My main advice to you is to somehow inform the police department about whats going on becuase if you don't and they come for you, there will be nothing your father, Mellisa's father, or anyone else will be able to do about it. A second piece of advice I have for you is to take a peek at whats in those "different packages," and see if it's really "gems' as the fat guy told you before he committed scuicide or got murdered. Just cut one open and check, becuase if they are not gems, who knows what they could be. I've heard that plastic explosives have that feel to them too, so you might want to get on that. I hope you get out of this okay Chance. You've got alot of work to do.

All the best,


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