Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Runner- Post 6


I am so sorry about what happened to your father. There was really nothing you could do. This issue was completely out of your hands and into these dirty terrorists hands. In my opinion, although it was a great tragedy for your father to die, he died exactly the way he'd always wanted to, A HERO. Chance he saved hundreds or thousands of people, because those terrorists were targeting an area or boat with alot of people in it. By killing one of the men and causing the terrorists to detonate early, your dad risked his ONE life to save THOUSANDS of others. You may be extremely sad now, but I know for a fact that in no less that ten years, you will begin to realize the great good your father did with this action. I would also like to remind you of the recognition he got for this. His funeral was the biggest there has ever been in your city, and state as a matter of fact. This really goes to show how much of a hero he was. Bieng a man of the army (most importantly a loyal member of the army), your father would have never let a band of terrorists get away with such an awful thing, so as soon as i heard he was on the bot by himself with terrorists and plastic explosives, I personally knew it was the end for him. He risked his life for so many others, and i realize your greif, but I think you should be proud of that courageous man and what he did for the world.

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