Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Runner- Post 7

Dear Carl Deuker,

I really enjoy reading your novels, especailly this one (Runner). I like how you use lower age vocabulary, but really get the suspence across every time. In Runner, I was literallly on my toes for half the book. Every time chance had to go to the rocks to do a pickup, I thought "this is it, hes going to die," but no, he keeps on living and building up the suspence until finally the terrorists get his dad instead of him. I like how in all of your books you find a really great problem to give the protagonist. Chance had so much on his shoulders that at times I really thought that he was simply going to cave and let up with the delivering. I'd also like to comment on how great your description is in all of your novels. It really makes me feel as if i'm actually there and witnessing these high suspence, thrilling scenes. One question I have for you is, where do you get your inspiration from? Your books just get me hooked like no other, and by no other I mean no other, I don't really enjoy reading. but for some reason your novels catch me in an angle i'm not used to. I am really looking forward to getting another book by you, and I hope you write many more thrillers like Runner so I have books to read for book reports for all the years to come.



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