Tuesday, December 11, 2007

W4 B (pgs101-145)

Dear Carl Deuker,

I've just finished reading pages 101-145. In your novel Gym Candy, I've begun to realize that ever since Mick turned sixteen, he has really began to mature. I very much enjoy the fact that you allow Mick's Dad to treat him very different after his sixteenth birthday. I first realized that his Dad was going to treat him differently when at his birthday party his Dad said you will get your present from me later. The present was the Jeep taht he had owned for about fifteen years and he'd just taught Mick how to drive it. Then when he took Mick to the shooting range to fire his first gun, I further realized that Mick is no longer a child. The way you have Mick's father treat him really forshadows the kind of situations Mick will soon be getting into. Mick purchased a couple of boxes of expensive protein powders and performance enhancing vitamins and minerals which he will be taking in appropriate amounts along with weight lifting to bulk up for next season considering that he's been bumped to starting running back. Now Mick is beginning to discover that that may not be all he needs to keep up with the other players in the other team. According to some players on his team, many players in other schools are using steroids. I really like the way you've layed out Mick's character thus far. He's much unlike his Dad, he's a very responsible young man that seems to me like he's the kind of guy who knows his limits. It will be interesting to me to find out if he does give into the steroids or not. I really hope he doesn't because he is a good kid and i know he is smarter than that. This novel is quite intriguing thus far and I'm excited to keep on reading.

Sincerely, your reader,

Arman Shahriar

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