Tuesday, December 4, 2007

W3 A (pgs.68-100)


1) Agitated (pg 80): excited;disturbed. To move of force into a violent, irregular action.
2) Stingier (pg 93): relictant to give or spend; not generous.

Figurative Language:

1) "Like a lion spots its prey across the sahara, i spotted that endzone." (similie) because it compares two things using the word "like."
2) ""eeehhh", sounded the halftime buzzer and I was in deep shock that this game was still within our reach." (onomatopoeia) the sound eeehhh acutally "sounds like it sounds."
3) "I am the new cheetah and my legs need to work like a cheetahs now that i am starting. If only i had more time to lift a bit more, bulk up..." (metaphor) "i am the new cheetah" human's can't be a cheetah. Comparing without using like or as.


"And then I was down. I looked at the ball, looked at my hands stretched out as far as I could reach. I was twelve inches short."

Mick Johnson has worked his way up to starting running back for Foothill high and is appearing at his first start this night. He struggled a bit in the beggining of the game but then caught his groove and eventually broke out for a touchdown. They are playing the best team in the league. Last play of the game, he was tackled right before scoring (12 inches shy) and was humiliated for getting leveled by that linebacker. This quote sums up his feelings after the play.

The most recent emerging theme, I could say right now, is strength. Mick is realizing that he needs to be stronger in order to suceed on this team and without the right strength he'll never be able to do anything in the red zone. He needs that extra bulk and he is starting to look for ways to get it.

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