Tuesday, December 11, 2007

W4 A (pgs101-145)


1) Aspiration (pg. 104): strong desire
2) Omnipotent (pg. 132): almighty in power

Figuraive Language:

1) "Mick would you please gun those passes, i know you're not a qb and all.." (pg 102)(personification) passes cant be gunned
2) "Jesus Christ should I have known that two days sooner i would have kicked the old hags ass like a cougar on a gazelle"(pg133) (similie) compares using word "like."
3) "Shwham went the tv flying down the stairs" (pgs 123-1240 (onomatopoeia) makes sound in real life.


"...im tellin ya you can lift all you want, but that ain't gonna do nothin'. This I can guarantee results with just a bit of excersize." (pg 137)

This quote really sums it all up until this point in the book. Mick has movd up to starting running back and needs to bulk up in the offseason. This quote is prettymuch the start of his research and experience with perforacne inhancing things. Now this particular one is talking about protion shakes and capsules. But it will soon get more intense.

My newest emerging theme is strongly DISCIPLINE. mick is getting to the point that he really needs to make the choice between working hard and succeeding or half assing it and takins supplements of enhancers. His discipline will furthermore show throughout the novel.

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