Sunday, December 23, 2007

W5 A (145-190)


1) Augsiliary (pg.167): Additional, supplemental
2) Queer (pg 184): Strange or odd.

Figurative Language:

1)"Mick with these supplements You will progress like a rocket" (pg 150)(similie), compares with like
2)" You need to be the rainmaker Mick, not DeShawn, you!" (pg 167) (personification) People cant make rain.
3)"Mick a coach to an athelete who abuses themselves is a helpless lion tamer..." (pg187)(metaphor) Compares without using as or "like."


"Look, sooner or later youre gonna' find out so you may as well find out from me, those protien supplements and all will do a bit, but the D-bol is the ticket. Listen to the word, testicle, testostirone, they are born to be together. It wont harm you to add to your body what it is already producing." (pg 178)

This quote shows the gym coaches attitude towards Mick. Clearly he isnt getting the results he wants so the coach puts him on D-Bol, or sterriods.


Failure, Mick is going into downfall and depression from taking the sterriod supplements more and more. He wants to get huge, at the cost of zits and man boobs. He is embarrased in public, especially around Kaylee, his crush.

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