Tuesday, January 8, 2008

W6 A (191-250)


1) Caress (pg 196): The act or gesture showing affection.
2) Anabolism (pg 244): Constructive metabolism

Figurative language:

1) "Mick you do know what kind of animal this stuff can turn you into right?" (219)(metaphor) A human cant really be turned into an animal, compares w/o using like or as.
2) "Dad i bulldozed through them as if i was a pro and they were all amatures!" (244)(personification) Humans cant be a bulldozer, unhumanistic traits given to a human.
3) "Read it like a book" (246)(simlie) Compares with the word "like"


"So youre just gonna' stop like that? Mick you know you will start to lose muscle mass and will quickly become weaker." "Yeah I know, i just want it to be me making the plays, not some drug." (pg 233) This quote came across to me as a change in Micks perspective. He used to want to keep injecting and taking 'roids, but once football started up he is beginning to feel guilty that he cheated and has an unfair advantage.


Regret! Mick is deealing with the consequence of regret that he ever did sterroids and is having to fight the urge of anger he has alot of the time now. Regret is something he will never be able to get rid of and will live with forever due to his poor desicion.

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