Tuesday, January 15, 2008

W7 B (pgs 250-313)

Dear Mr. Deuker,

I just finished reading the novel and i have come to a great conclusion about your writing. You wrote this book in my opinion to tell young men about how terrible steroids can be for you and how much you will regret using them more than you did just to write a novel, and i really respect that. Considering with the growing number of steroid users thesedays, you never know how many people could be affected by this book. I, for one, have been greatly influenced by this novel. While reading this novel i kept saying to myself why does this author have such a lack of voacabulary and more in depth thought, until i reached the end where Mick tried to kill himself when i realized you werent writing this book to win a scholastic prize, but in my opinion to change and alter the mindsets of many young men. This was one of the easier reads ive had thus far in my life, but by far the most influential. Micks experience with steroids has really made me hate steroids, and truly i realized this in the very end when even after his near death, he says "I could be back on that stuff in one hour and none of these people know it, I could be getting bigger, faster, stronger by the second!" It shows that the roids have left a lifelong impact and desire on him that he will have to fight off or possibly give into which will lead to more problems. Overall a fantastic read, thank you very much'

Yours truly,


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