Tuesday, January 8, 2008

W6 B (191-250)

Dear Carl Deuker,

This section of the book has really been the most crucial to me thus far. I am emmensely enjoying the thoughts and descriptions of Mick you are throwing around constantly. I am beginning to realize that maybe he doesnt want to cheat and has some personal conscience inside of him telling him that it is wronh to cheat just to impress a coach or your father. He is finally beggining to come to his senses and not bieng an idiot and taking the sterroids too far. In the last scene that i read, Mick has been given some XCR which is the drug that a famous biciclist had gotten disqualified from the Tour de France for using. It again (just like the stack) is an injector and requires a needle. I think it is very interesting how show how much more energy Mick had that Dave Kane and the real impact that the drug did to him in the last quarter when he scores a touchdown but the play got called back due to DeShawns false start, and Mick charged at him for 50 yards but came to his senses and slowed off. You really show the 'roid rage better than ive ever seen showed before, and Mick has really been the perfect character to show it and demonstrate the terribleness of these drugs. I think that you may have gone a bit overboard on the rage part, but i cant be sure considering i dont do sterroids. You may have exxaturated his anger just a bit, but it really comes out that way to me.

Thank you again and i look forward to the last section.


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