Tuesday, January 15, 2008

W7 A (pgs 250-313)


1)Teratoma (pg300): A tumor made up of different kinds of tissue
2)Finned (pg 288): Having one or more fins

Figurative Language:

1) "I felt the wind breeze swoosh as he passed by me" (pg 267) (onomatopoea) Swoosh sounds like the word in real life
2) "Like the day it all started i felt a calm feeling throughout my whole body." (pg 297) (similie) Compares using the word "like"
3) "Mick, watching you last night was as difficult for me as watching yourr grandmother pass away. I felt as if i was losing you right there." (pg 290) (simile) Compares using word "As"


"The anger went away. The fear went away. i put the revolver to my temple, felt the coldness of the muzzle there, took a deep breath, took another one, and pulled the trigger." (pg 297). The steroids had taken over Micks body and he felt cold and helpless. The night of this quote he attmepted to commit scuicide due to all the depression and regret he was going through. It is by far the most important quote of the book because it really sums the whole point up.

Last Theme:

Restart. Mick must regain the trust of all his friends/companions, and re-place himself in society after such a tragic accident as trying to kill himself. He must begin to socialize with friends and replace himself in society. In the end of the book he debates with himself wether or not to use steroids again because he knows how easy it is to get his hands on them.

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