Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Runner-Post 1

Dear Chance,

I think it was really brave of you to stick up for Melissa in the classroom, even though you were terrified to death of Miller. I know and you know that he just didn't have anything to do with his life, and probobly would've ended up in prison, so he joined the army. Don't worry about it at all, the kid is a failure, and all you need to do is keep focus on your life. I have two words of advice for you Chance. The first is, try your hardest not to get into Millers way. You saw what he can do to you after that bathroom incident long ago, and believe you me, you want to avoid anything like that again. The retaliator gets blamed just as much as the person who started the fight more often than not. My second word of advice is to keep some friendships going in your life. I know your a busy kid, but its important to have a couple kids to hang out with in school and outside of school. Mellissa seems like a good friend, and I reccommed you try to hang out with her some more and become good friends. She seems to have taken a liking in you, and I can tell just from these first chapters that you two have very similar views in life (based from the classroom experience against Miller and while you were talking at the coffee shop. The first chapters I read were great and i'm looking forward to hearing more about your experiences.

Yours Truly,


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