Wednesday, November 21, 2007

W1 B (pgs 1-30)


This section of the book was mainly establishing the whole concept and focus of the book. Mick Johnson is the main character, a young teenager who loves the game of football. His father was a 3rd round NFL draft pick, and Mick really hopes to fufill his fathers shoes. The only problem is so far, his father was a kind of Randy Moss of his time. A man with a bad attitude who will only play when he wants to play and wont settle for anyone elses orders.His 7th grade coach says, "Youre going to end up just like your father. The talent of an all star, the attitude of a punk." Really here again it shows how others view Mick, just like his father, a big punk with attitude problems, so I am guessing that will be one of the things he will be changing throughout the novel. I also really dislike his mother, because for one thing, she completely opposes football, which is reasonable for a mom, but she constantly cannot stand up for herself in telling Mick that he is spending too much time on football. "Mick dont you think you should try something else for a change...Soccer, Baseball?" then Mick says nope i love football, and his father backs him up, and then his mom says "whatever." The whatever is the part i dont care for. She should (as his mother) stand up for herself and enforce what she wants to enforce because clearly in my eyes he is spending too much time one football.

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