Wednesday, November 21, 2007

W1 A (pgs 1-30)


1) churning (pg16): the act of using a churn. Turns milk to butter.
2) flameout (pg 28): the failure of a jet engine due to interuption of fuel supply.

Figurative Language:

1) "His abs are rock and his mind is solid steel, it cannot be interupted" (metaphors) compares without using like or as.
2) "Like the wind was born to blow he was born to run." (similie) compares using "like"
3) "Boom, like a gunshot he was sprinting downfield" (onomatopoeia) "boom" sounds like the acutal thing.


"My favorite memory is of an afternoon in June. I was four years old, and I was in the backyar with my dad. He'd just bought me a purple and gold mini football, my first football."--This quote is really forshadowing the rest of the book. Football will become his passion and he will almost grow up his entire childhood around it.

One emerging theme thus far would be competition. Mick is beginning to see the realities of football and that others want to suceed just as much as he does.

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