Wednesday, November 28, 2007

W2 A (Pgs.31-67)


1) Prevalent (pg 46): having the superiority over another.
2) Unarbitrary (pg 65): not subject to indivdual determination.

Figurative Language:

1) "My heart stone cold i was afraid to even lay eyes on my dad." (metaphor) because it compares not using like or as
2) "His chest is like his third hand when it comes to catching that goddam pigskin." (similie) compares using like
3) "The team needed me, but I didn't need the team, so i called it quits, and for some odd reason they wouldn't let me back 6 months later when I pleaded and swore my attitude changed..." (irony) he went against his own word...ironic??


"How good do you really think Drager is?" "Pretty damn good." (pg.54)

This quote really sums up the portion of the book I just read, because it talks about Micks only competition (after surpassing all the other running backs) at Shilshole High. He needs to surpass Drager in order to gain his starting position.

An emerging theme now I would say is work. The foorball Mick is getting into is hard and in order to maintain his status and #2 running back or possibly move up he needs to work harder and harder.

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