Thursday, November 29, 2007


A trial is a structured debate that happens in court rooms that is used to decide weather or not the law was broken and the defendant is guilty. The judge and jury decide if a punishment will be enforced. Because it is structured, both sides have an equal and fair chance at bringing the other down with supporting evidence and methods used in courtrooms.

~Sports Talk Shows/Mid-game shows~
In a Sports talk show or mid game show the members of the show express their opinions as to who they might pick to win the championship for example or many other games, and they argue on whether or not one may be right and they compare who they think will win. This isnt always a fair case because they have a set time limit and if one of the members takes up too much time explaining his predictions then the others dont get as much time to explain theirs. It is much looser and unformal than a courtroom trial. It is semistructured, meaning it has some structure but not entirely complete.

~Political Debates~
Political Debates are structured debates that take place in a formal auditorium most of the time and sometimes on Television as well. The Debate serves the purpose of persuading the american public to vote for your party and making the other party look foolish. It does somewhat help the public come to their senses about their voting decision and have a little more background knowledge on the canidates in the election. This effects once again the publics decision making process only, which can in the long run greatly effect the outcome of the election

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