Wednesday, November 28, 2007

W2 B (pgs.31-67)

Dear Mick Johnson,

I think you are a very talented football player and thus far you seem to have great work ethic, yet I am a bit concerned about how devoted you are to football. You are spending all of your time either playing football, watching foorball, playing Madden 07, or just talking about football and the team with your dad. Have you ever taken into consideration that there is more to your life than just football. It may be your passion, as soccer is mine, but you need to see another pathway in your life because what if, just what if someday football fails for you, then you are left with nothing. You are entering highschool soon and should really consider balancing out your life with football and school just so that you dont go a whole long way and fail and be left with nothing. You seem to have very good connections with your friend Drew and you two seem like you have fun together quite a bit. You should make sure you keep those good friendships and make sure you are there for him/whoever else it may be, if they need you. Also I wanted to congradulate you on making varsity your freshman year, its tough, and i know you can work your way up to the top with the work ethic you've shown so far.

Yours truly,

Arman Shahriar

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