Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3/12 (Week 4), Post B

Dear Arnold,

You are a real trooper man, stepping out onto that basketball court and taking all that crap from those people who have already messed up their lives on the rez. You even ended up with a concussion and you told coach you'd step out there and play at any minute against those guys. I thought that was very mature of you not to fight back at the indians on the rez for abusing you in that way, you simply left, got 3 stitches and came back, only to get pummeled to the floor by your old best friend. I have some advice for you Arnold, you should really try to gain Rowdy's friendship back, because if you do, he can manipulate the kids in school to like you again, and like you said, the whole rez is connected together, all those kids will tell their parents and all will be good again. The way i reccomend you do this is by doing something dangerous with Rowdy, something you know he can't resist. Something that takes alot of gut that will get him thinking more about the dangers and less about hating you. I'd say if you lived in my neighborhood time take him skydiving, but that is probobly unavailable to you, so maybe try something like rock climbing or of that risky nature. You are really going to need this kid to be on your side again, and i can tell he can be easilly manipulated. He's just under the impression right now that you don't want to be around him/look down on him, and the day he realizes that this isn't true is the day you will be buds again. I really enjoyed those last 40 pages, and until next time.



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hockey1 said...

arnold sounds tight, i wanna meet him