Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3/26 (Week 6), Post A

Quote and Significance:

"Don't you ever drink, my mother said to me. She slapped me. Once, twice, three times. She slapped me HARD. (pg208)" This is an extremely significant quote because when Arnolds sister died, his mother was quite upset and so was the rest of the character list in the book that knows Arnold. These last 30 pages were mainly set around mourning his sister and the rebirth of his friendship with Rowdy. This quote though stands for the characters as a whole, very upset about Mary's death.

Emerging/ Last Theme:

The last theme that I see in this book is companionship leads to success. When one has friends, one can suceed. WIthout Rowdy Arnold would really be nothing. Rowdy brightens up his day when he's down and cracks him up a bit. Rowdy deserves full credit for Arnold's recovery of his sisters death and Rowdy seems to really be letting go of his jealousy and bieng proud of Arnold for once, which is going to clear up one more roadblock for Arnold and will push him to success.

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hockey1 said...

companionship doesnt lead to success...