Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3/12 (Week 4), Post A

Quote and Significance:

"Penelope and I became a hot topic in Reardan.(pg156)" This quote is extremely significant because it really outlines the whole section that i just read. Arnold begins to almost "date" Penelope, the most popular girl in school, and bieng a kid who started with no friends, he really rises up in the social chart, and above all, Roger, the huge stud of the school, who he punched in the face earlier, becomes friends with him.

Emerging theme:

An emerging theme through this section is Learning to choose the right friends. Arnold has Roger and the whole white Reardan kids on his right, and old pal Rowdy on his left. He is going to either have to adjust to both or drop one or the other. It's going to be a close call for him but it is a theme because friendship in generall is key in this book for Arnold.

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