Wednesday, March 5, 2008

3/5 (Week 3), Post A

Quote and significance:

" 'You punched me,' Roger said. His voice thick with blood. 'I cant believe you punched me.'(pg 102) " This quote is extremely significant to this section of the book because Junior is just getting adapted to his new school in Reardan when he gets into a brawl with one of the toughest boys in school. The boy was making fun of Junior when all of the sudden Junior punched him smack in the face and made him bleed. The boy (Roger) showed great fear of Junior because at this all white school, violence is hardly ever brought up in fights and it was unusual for someone to punch.

Emerging Theme:

One Emerging theme thus far is Learning to adapt. Junior punched Roger in the face and although he was scared to death even asked Roger to finish the fight, simply because thats how it was done on the rez. But junior has come to realize that violence is not how they solve problems in a white school like Reardan and he's going to have to adapt to the culture there.

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hockey1 said...

what a significant quote, sounds like the time when ruhi fought polarbears in northern Canada