Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3/19 (Week 5), Post A

Quote and Significance:

"Im guarding you tonight, it's my night." (pg191). This quote is very significant in this part of the book because Arnold is finally stepping up to his jerk "old best friend" in the basketball game and showing him that he is not scared of standing up to him anymore and that he has become a totally new person ever since he started attending Reardan.

Emerging Theme:

An emerging theme/existing through the chapters i just read, is toughening out the hard times in life and moving on. Arnold's grandmother just died and it is extremely sad that he has to deal with that and the new school at once, but his friends are supportive in school and help put the asshole teacher that makes fun of him in her place. He needs to learn to move on, because im sure that his grandmother wanted him to be sucessful and leave the rez just as he did, and i'll see what he is going to do with his life from here on out.

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great siggy nif, sounds like an important chapter