Monday, October 8, 2007

My thoughts

I thought that The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was a very interesting book overall. I was amazing to me that Jean Dominique-Bauby could write this whole entire book of metaphors and tales all in in head, then blink it to tell the tale to someone else. The main critisicm i had for the book was that there were too many fantasies and dreams, to the point where i couldnt really tell weather it was a dream or it was actually happening to him. I was clear to me throughout the memoir that the author was extremely "locked-into" his own mind, and had nothing to do other than think about his past adventures and fantasize about things he'd deam to do. The whole "locked in syndrome" explains itself. I also thought that Jean Dominique Bauby was an extremely descriptive writer in the sence of similies and metaphors, to the point that sometimes i couldnt even tell if the object he was reffering to was the "metaphorical object" or the actual one. But overall, the book was very interesting. I really enjoyed the small "chapters" or sections because it kept switching it up so just incase i lost track of what he was talking about, I could get right back on in the new section. Overall, i didnt necessarily love his writing and style, but anyone who blinks to tell a story that they have written in their head, i can appreciate.

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