Sunday, October 7, 2007

W3 P2


So far, if there were one word i could use to describe this book, it would be miraculous. The book starts with Chris Gardner as a child in his home where he loves the candy that his mother makes him. I realte to that in many ways, one bieng how my grandma always used to make me fruit tarts when I went over to her house, and how id grasp that tart with my hands and enjoy every single bite with every bit of my taste buds, just like Chris explains his candy experiences. The whole candy thing made me see that this author really likes to be descriptive, just like I like to write, because he spent almost a page and a half just talking about the warm goodness of the candy. Some Strengths of the book so far are the descriptions that Chris Gardner (author) uses to place a nice mental picture in my mind at all times. It really helps because the plotline is somewhat difficult, so its makes it alot easier to understand with vivid details. The only weakness about that though it that sometimes its a little too much and I stop paying attention to the little details and when I do I might miss something else, so ive had to re-read a couple times thus far. Another strength in the authors writing style is that he never dwells over a "chapter" like some authors I dont' like do. I mean, at times he might spend too much on details, but they are important, and he knows when to move on when it comes to irrelivant things.

I think that later in this book, Chris's devotion to work and hos effort will pay of, but he will run into some major difficulties once his son (Christopher Jr.) is born. But i believe he will pull through as a broker in the end.

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