Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 4, Post 1

1.) "For the next three years I lived what could have been called in some respects a storybook life (pg.157)."--> the author (chris Gardner) most likely used this quote to really show us readers how his life turned around. His life is really beginning to shape up. This quote is very important to the book because it sets the whole scene. As the reader i begin to realize that Chris Gardner is no longer a child but a man and is doing good with his life.

2.) "Over the next thrity days, everything that I was and everything that I hoped to become flew out the window. (pg.172)"--> This quote by Chris Gardner is the exact contradict to the one before, it shows that life can always flip right back over and kick you hard in the ass. All was going well for Chris, until he left his mothers city, and without that backup option, he began to get nervous, and lost his "mentality." Chris Gardner adds the quote to really show us that no human in life is "safe" and that you always have to keep working to achieve. As the reader this impacts me mostly in a way to keep reading because i really wanted to know what happened next, weather a tragedy, or simply he went broke. It really helped me keep focus in the book.

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