Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 4, Post 2

Chapter 6:The World Beyond, is so far my favorite chapter of this memoir. It starts with Chris Gardner, taking his first ever trip by plane to boot camp in Hawaii.This is the main changing point in his life, because it is his first real "job" and he is devoted to serving for his country. Little does he know that he would never have to fight in a war, just trained, and he has to find another path to take. Chris Gardner then talks about how much harder it has been living on his own without a constant guardian. He wasnt put n the streets with a semi-decent car and a wallet with a credit card in it, whatever money he makes is all from sctatch and he has no "booster parents" to hoist him up when he falls. In Chapter 7, there are mainly just a ton of picture of "life" as he calls them. Starting with him as a baby, and then his mother (Bettye Jean Triplett). Next is his Boot camp grad. day photo with his full grad class of about 30 men. His Miliatary ID is next, then a beautiful picture of him and his sun on a park bench relaxing, and so on...Until finally there are pictures of grown up Christopher Gardner Jr. and there is even a Picture of Chris Sr. shaking hands with president Clinton. And after the pictures he prettymuch comes right into how hard life is getting with a son and no woman to support them, yet how he has gotten to a good start selling day to day machines that hospitals use.

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Jennifer T said...

this is a good blog post. you have a good summary so someone that hasnt read the book can tell whats going on. one thing you could improve on if having a little bit more detail. overall its a good blog post