Sunday, October 21, 2007

W5, P2

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The fifth section of the book starts with Chris and Christopher Junior scared at night all alone sleeping in a dark alleyway because Chris Sr. Has gone broke. All he can say to his helpless son is to never let anyone tell you that you cant do something, you can do anything you want if you set your mind to it. Christopher seems not even too frightened though in the dark, wet alley, he seems to be handling it alot better than the everage 7 year old would be. The next morning is the big morning for Chris Gardner, in which he gets the once in a lifetime chance to be the interviewee of Mr. Dean Witter himself, the founder Of Dean Witter Stock Broking. Chris spends the whole morning getting ready, because he knows if he blows this then he will have to spend a whole new 6 months finding a new job, which will drain the money even quicker and Christopher Jr. might starve. At the interview he introduces himself kindly and they talk for awhile, and Chris seems to be doing very well. Dean Witter offers Chris an internship in which one of the interns will be hired to actully work for the company, and Chris gladly accepts this offer. Not knowing that this intern job does not pay, he goes home happy, and he celebrates with Christopher Jr., and Chris is ready to head to his very first day at "Work" the next day.


I strongly feel that Chris Gardner has shaped up so well as a man in this book that it is almost unbelieveable. We, as readers just read the book for pleasure most of the time, but when I really think deeply about his situation, I wonder, how is this possible? The man has come out of poverty, spotted a shining new red ferrari, and now has his heart set on something we would normally say is extremely out of his reach. He is raising a son to top it all off. He is the most wonderful father one could ask for in my opinion. Though he hardly has any money, and cant even afford a house to keep his kid under, he cuddles up with him night after night, and reads him to sleep. He keeps assuring Christopher Jr. that one day it will all be better, and as i said in the previous paragraph, he is constantly telling him not to ever let anyone tell him he cant do something. Chris Gardner has really shaped as a man and a father throughout this memoir, and it will be very interesting to see how the book ends because he is just starting to find his trail in life.

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