Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Post 2-Loaded Words

1.) Death- pg 17, this is a very strong word particularly for the book i'm reading because Chris Garnder (author) has seen and felt alot of death within his life, so seeing someone leave is a huge thing to him. He probobly chose this word to show what times he's been through and to give a sad effect.

2.) Daddies- pg 39, this is really showing how as a child in the orphanage, he and him companions were really fond of a dad, and called him a daddy, showing their closeness to them.

3.) Rage- pg 51. This word really shows the abusiveness of the people who took care of him as a child and how they treated him, and so it was passed onto him and he has to get rid of it.

4.) impossible- pg 51, this Word shows the bielef he has in life, and the way he was raised. He probobly chose to use it to show that he never thought he could make it as far as he ended up making it.

5.) customs- pg 69, this word is very strong in the content of this book. It shows how he adapted to many different styles and customs throughout his childhood.

6.) shotgun-pg 69, this is a straight up scary thought, and that is what hes trying to set in your mind to envision his childhood.

7.) bitches-pg 75, this word plain shows the times he grew up in and the level of vocabulary he has at a very young age. He throws it in there to really get to us about his childhood.

8.) colors- pg 82, although it may not seem like much, colors is very very srtong and loaded. It shows that he has respect for all people and their beliefs no matter the color of their skin (its implied in the phrase the word is in)

9.) crime- 99, crime and mischief is all he grew up around, crime, and those who partake in criminal activity. He used this word to show how he overcame this.

10.) motherfucker, pg 107, simply this shows hos anger as a young man growing up was very tough for him.

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