Sunday, October 28, 2007

Week 6, Post 1 (Summary pt 6)

Sorry Mr. Hatten, once again, our internet has been down over the weekend so ive been using my grandmas computer, and I posted this on friday, but for some reason it didnt go through.

In The final Part of this memoir, Chris Gardner is "in" his internship at Dean Witter, in training to become a Stockbroker. Meanwhile, Christopher Jr. is kicked out of his daycare program because Chris doesn't have enough money to pay the ignorant lady who wont settle for anything unless there is money involved. So Chris has to take Christopher Jr. to Dean Witters office everyday when he leaves for his internship, and Dean Witter kindly lets Christopher Jr. stay with him, actually he seems to like him alot. Chris Gardner keeps working hard and studying to the point that he is exhausted the next day at the office. The big test is the deciding factor as to wether or not he is chosen, and he completely surpasses everyone esle in the class with a score of 98%, and becomes the next new Broker. His life now begins to shine. They purchase an apartment, with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and big living room, etc... Christopher Jr. finally gets a warm bed to sleep in, and Chris has a place to do his work on his new computer at home which he purchased with his rapidly rising salary. He works his way up at Dean Witter, and eventually becomes one of the top brokers, and brings in a huge income. His story is one of the biggest "life-changing" stories ever, as in he started on the street with a son, and became as big as he is by hard work and persistancy.

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