Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside 3

1.) To start the film, there was an Extreme Long, High angle shot on the sea to show where he loves to be. The signifcance was the set the scene and put it out there that the sea portrays a huge role in the film.

2.) There is always an angle a little above eye level (maybe 15 or 20 degrees above eye) when it is showing him in bed, to give us the perspective that he is lover than us and not a capable. The significance of this is to show that Ramon is never going to be like us normal people again and that he is injured and quadrepalegic for life, and will always lie lower and steriotypically less important than us.

3.) When Ramon is telling the story about his accidnet, and it shows him as a young man, the shot is a medium, low angle shot to show that he is more powerful than he is now. The significance is to prove that nowadays he is physically "less" than what he was in his "before the accident" life. It portrays him as a much more powerful human being and gives us the feeling that he is greater and stronger than us and that he is superior to who he is currently.

4.) There is always an eye level, medium shot on Julia when she is talking to Ramon to give us the feeling that we are there and its a normal situation. This was the most common shot in the film, because it gives us sence of real life and makes us feel like we are actually there.

5.) There is an extremely fast Dolly over the span of the ground and forest all the way to the sea when he is "flying." The significance of this is that it shows he is allmighty and powerful when he just lets his spirit fly away in his dreams, and he can do whatever he wants.

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