Sunday, October 7, 2007

w3 p1

Chapter 1 and 2 - Candy /The No-Daddy Blues

Chapter one starts out with Chris Gardner, the main character, in his "home" growing up, and he vividly describes this "maple syrup candy" that his mother always used to make him. How he'd grasp it with joy and how every bite made him tingle with happyness. He also talks about Betteye, his mother, who accomplished everything in life. He says she has always been loved and never has "he" seen one who hates her. He says that she ran away from home in Louisiana because her father didnt pay for her college which she initally promised him. Chris also talks about his "father," not his real father, but the only one he knows. He is an abusive man with an extremely short temper. Chris describes him as rude and crude. He introduces Sharon, his little sister, who is always enthusiastic about everything, and his baby sister Kim.

Chapter 3 and 4- Wheres Momma?/ Bitches Brew

In Where's Momma, Chris talks alot about his mother and how she has been struggling lately to keep the family under controll. Freddia Triplett, Betteyes's hsband, abuses her constantly, and she is not happy with him. Chris explains his discomfort in the household and how he is longing to get "outta here and inta the world." He occasionally visits his uncle archie who takes him in caringly and doesnt let anyone tell him he cant do something in this world. At about the age of 13 in Bitches Brew, Chris is really growing up to become a mature person. Hes already seeing the perspective of life not many kids his age do and that is that childhood ends someday, and youre going to have to live on your own. He is an extremely smart 13 year old. He is saying how between the ages of 10-14 he keeps recieving training from his uncle to become a "professional golfer," which is his uncles dream for him, yet through all the hardships, chris has his eye on only one thing, becoming a broker.

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