Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside 1

My reaction to the film is it was a very dramatic film with tons of agony, and there are alot of crucial decisions that take place in the film. In General, I believe that if one should wish to die, and they are in a situation in which they have no way of functioning, their wish shold be granted. But in this case, Ramon is still breathing without oxygen tubes, and functioning in every way except moving. I believe that the courts responce to him was fair, for he should not be granted that wish because it would honestly be commiting scuicide, and Ramon is too good of a person, and too "functioning" to do that to himself. There are people out there who are simply living on the hospitals equipment, and in that case, i would say yes, but in Ramons case, if you ask me, its a capital NO. I think that his freinds that agreed to help him are not trying to be mean, but just simply good friends. If you see a friend in that much trouble, i think i would help them out. Morally its wrong, but ethically, in the situation like with Ramon, there really wouldnt be more you can do but help him die, for he is your friend, and youd want for him what he wants for himself.

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